Changing a Size of the Featured Image in Archive Views

By default, the Goedemorgen theme will display a featured image with a rectangle shape but it is possible to change the size of featured images that are displayed on your blog, archive and search pages. There are three size options available for the featured image displayed in archive views.

The featured image can have either a default, or thumbnail, or original image size. As mentioned before, the featured image with a default image size has a rectangle shape, and it is located above your post content. The featured image with a thumbnail image size has a triangle shape, and the image is shown on the side of your post content. The featured image with an original image size retains the original image you've uploaded to a site.

To change the size of your featured images in archive views, open the Customizer:

  1. In the Customizer, go to Theme Options → Archive View Options.
  2. Under the Archive View: Featured Image Size label select a size of the featured image.
  3. Click the Save & Publish button at the top right of the Customizer to save your settings.

Note, if you are missing this option then make sure you are using the latest theme version.

Default Image Size

Thumbnail Image Size

Original Image Size

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