Displaying the Jumbotron Section in Blog View

By default, WordPress displays recent blog items on the front page. In this case, the page header (Jumbotron section) is not shown on the blog page. The page header is automatically visible in blog view when a static front page along with a blog page are set but in this case, your front page and blog posts will be displayed on a different page within your website.

It's not mandatory to set separate pages for the front page and the blog page to display the page header (Jumbotron section) in blog view. You can display the page header in blog view even if your front page is set to display your latest posts:

  1. Create a new page with the content you want to show in the page header section on your blog page. You can also set a featured image which will be used as background image for the section. Use the Save or Publish buttons when you are ready.
  2. Once your page is published, go to the Customizer: Appearance → Customize in the WordPress Dashboard.
  3. In the Customizer, go to Theme Options → Archive View Options and under the Blog View: Featured Page label select the page that you've just created.
  4. Click on the Save & Publish when you are ready.

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