Displaying a Header Image in Archive Views

Each archive view comes with a page header section. For example, category archive view displays a category name in the page header section; author archive view displays an author name in the page header section. Blog page also displays the page header section when a static front page is set.

By default, Goedemorgen displays a page header with a plain background color in archive views. It is possible to add a custom background image to the page header section:

  1. In the Customizer, go to Theme Options → Archive View Options.
  2. Under Archive View: Page Header Image label click the Select Image button.
  3. Choose your archive view header image, and click the Choose Header Image button.
  4. Click the Save & Publish button at the top right of the Customizer to activate the archive view header image on your website.

The background image in this section uses a "cover" functionality (CSS3), meaning the browser automatically scales the image as large as possible and maintains image aspect ratio so the image does not get squished. The image "covers" the entire width and height of the container. When the image and container have different dimensions, the image is clipped either at the top and bottom edges, or the left and right edges.

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