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Step #1: Setting Up Your Pages

By default, WordPress displays recent blog posts on your front page. In order to have a static front page and blog posts displayed on a different page within your website (the same way as it's shown on demo website), you have to set a static front page along with a blog page.

When the pages are set, please open your front page in the Dashboard and assign it to the Panels template from the Page Attributes pane. As you might have noticed from the demo website, front page sections display images. In order to add and align images in your page content, please use the WordPress Media Uploader tool. It is a default feature that comes from the WordPress core.

Step #2: Creating a Custom Menu

If the custom menu is not created or the location of your menu is not set then Goedemorgen will display all your pages in the header section. In order to only display the right pages, please create a custom menu.

Step #3: Creating a Social Menu

By default, your social menu will be located at the bottom of the website. In order to display social menu items, please create a social menu.

Step #4: Adding Widgets

If the sidebar is inactive, your blog page will have a full width. In order to activate the sidebar you need to add widgets to the sidebar widget area. You can also add widgets to the footer area.

Step #5: Customizing Your Blog Page

By default, Goedemorgen displays full post content on a blog page. In order to create summaries, please use the More tag. If you specify a Featured Image for each post, it will be displayed under its header, as a thumbnail image in archive views and a larger image in single-page views.

Step #6: Displaying a Header Image in Archive Views

As you might have noticed, archive views such as blog page, archive page, search page have a custom header image. By default, the page header has a gray background color in archive views. In order to have a custom background image, you'll need to upload  Archive View Header Image via the Customizer.

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